www.cathay-invests.com is a brokerage firm providing Forex trading services. We are here to provide an exclusive experience to traders in a highly secure environment.

CATHAY-INVESTS has the professional expertise and the technical resources to provide you with a top quality trading experience. We also have a strong reputation for financial competence, integrity and honesty. Our reputation is important to us and we understand that maintaining a good name as a broker requires constant effort and innovation. As an FXBinvestments trader you’ll benefit from our continual investment in the latest financial technology and our commitment to provide new assets and financial instruments.

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Sophisticated Security Technology (S.S.T)

Data exchanges and communications between traders and our website are encrypted to Minimize the risk of interception during transit. Notice the Padlock icon on your internet browser.When locked ,this icon indicates that the website is Runinng in a secure mode and your information (for example passwords and wallets address) is private. .


When you access our website to use our products and services ,we use cookies to recognise you as a customer and provide a better ,faster and safer experience. Our cookies do not store or use any personally identifiable Information about you.

Protecting Your Money

To provide a safety Net for our Customers , Funds that Traders deposit on their Trading account are held in a customer segregated account . This separates CATHAYINVEST’s Money from the Investment Of our clients. Even if we get into Trouble,or we go under, your money remains intact and all yours..



DDoS Protection & SSL

We have both an official DDOS protection as well as a certification courtesy of the Comodo Positive SSL that proves our genuine commitment and seriousness towards this matter.

Because of this, our clients can keep their attention on accomplishing their goals without having to worry about their information being compromised at any point during our collaborative efforts.

24/7 Monitoring and security.

CATHAYINVESTS monitors transactions taking place on its website 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are constantly on the lookout for suspicious activities, in line with our AML/KYC and compliance procedures.

So even when you let your guard down, we won’t! We provide the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve..

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Work Process

How Its Works

Trading on our Platform is very easy, firstly you need to Open an Account with your right details, Login and choose from our list of Trading Plans, make deposit then wait for your trade to grow afterwards you can request for withdrawal.

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You can Start by Creating a new account with us, make sure to fill in your right details when signing up.

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Wait till your trading gets matured after which you can request for withdrawal using your prefer payment method.